April 10, 2010

Color Me Bad

Another trip to the Hobby Lobby, another score. Some new jewelry items showed up on the shelves, ripe for the picking. 4mm colored beads, anodized I believe, then dyed and thermally sealed. Hopefully, this should increase the durability of the finish somewhat as painted beads will flake off down to the base metal on the first bounce off the bottom. Painted beads aren't the right tool for the application, anodized ones are. 40 beads at $4.99.

colored beads
The next item up for bid were some beads with an antiqued like finish, like a tarnished brass. The finish is earthy and will make for some sweet ass nymphs. 200 pieces of 3.2mm beads at $2.99, and 110 pieces of 4mm beads at $2.99.

antique beads
20" black ball chain for $1.47. New ball chain colors red, green, royal blue, and light blue, $1.99 per 16". Not the best of deals, but I have definitely never seen these colors of ball chain before. Again, these are anodized so they should hold up to the rigors of combat. 20" pastel colored ball chain in sage, orange, pink, and baby blue, all for $3.99. I picked up these colors in a previous score, but couldn't resist picking up another package.

colored ball chain
Something about spring in the air; egg patterns and flesh flies are stuck on the brain, even though none of those scenarios are present in the situations I typically angle. Found some bitching colors of rug yarn and I couldn't pass them up. Nonetheless, those of you with the opportunity to fish to a spring run of any of the pacific salmons would enjoy these colors. I'll likely end up using them for caddis and mayfly patterns after I've ground them up with a bit of Angelina. Not on sale, but at a buck a pack they are still a deal. They are so creamy looking.

rug yarn
So now, take everything you just saw above (except the rug yarn) and divide the price in half. That's right, %50 off. YEEAHH-HA!! That's how we do it in my neighborhood, bitch!

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