April 19, 2010

ring the alarm

caddis army
Tied up an army of caddis nymphs with the tasty morsels Gary from Switters B passed my way. The UV micro straggle is some mint tying material.

UV micro straggle caddis
fuzzy things caddis
Wisper caddis
Whilst in the caddis tying mood, I whipped a half dozen more nymphs using my Frosty Naval dub, and UV dub. There's just something about tying a soft hackle with grouse or partidge and peacock herl. Beauty is in the pattern's sheer simplicity.

soft hackled caddis
UV caddis
sparkle caddis
These are all a bit on the larger size, a size 12 2X heavy scud hook, but that's what I've been uncovering so far in the streams this spring. I could also take these down to a size 14 or 16, but with the water as high and turbid as it is right now, visibility is a key issue to hooking up with fish right now. The smaller patterns will be money on a smaller spring creek where the water flows clear as gin. Tipped with a tungsten bead, these will make a killer dropper.

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