April 3, 2010

the carrot patch

Just in time for Peter Cottontail and the Easter Bunny, Mr P's carp carrot. This fly is no secret among hardcore carp fly fishers, as Jim has so graciosuly shared this deadly pattern with us in a few fly swaps, and even posted the official recipe on his blog. This pattern is about as simple as it gets, yet is extremely punishing to the carp, especially on the mighty flats of the Columbia. Yarn and pheasant hackle, that's all there is to it.

carp carrots
carp carrot
I am also taking this opportunity to formally announce my upcoming trip to Mecca later this month. The Carpfather John Montana and I will be joining forces in our never ending conquest of behemoth carp and Sea Donkeys. This Operation between the two task forces will be all thunder and blazes. The Global War On Carp wages on, and we will never forget.


  1. Looking forward to the trip! Whip up some with dumbbell eyes too. The big boys like e deeper water.