April 23, 2010

Project Healing Waters 2-Fly Tournament

PHW2Fly promo
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF), in conjunction with Eastern Blue Ridge Fly Fishers, is hosting the 4th Annual 2-Fly Tournament Fundraiser to benefit PHWFF. PHWFF is a nonprofit organization that has been utilizing fly fishing and fly tying in the rehabilitation of wounded servicemen and women at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the past two years.

PHWFF is expanding and has begun to offer its program to other Military Medical Centers and VA Hospitals nationwide. Please support this worthy effort by joining all of us at the Rose River Farm (www.roseriverfarm.com) on the 2nd of May for a fun filled day featuring a 2-fly tournament with the wounded Vets of PHWFF. Teams will compete on over a mile and a half of the Rose River that runs through Rose River Farm near Syria, Virginia. The fish will be plentiful the action hot, so take in the beauty of Spring in the Blue Ridge mountains while supporting those who have sacrificed for us.

PHW2Fly flies
When our friend Douglas Dear from the Rose River Farm asked us to help out with the 2-Fly tourney, it was a no-brainer. Normally, I'm not a tournament kind of guy, but for a cause like this, I happily made an exception. Last year the PHW2Fly Tourney started a super raffle/auction with boxes of flys tied by great fly tiers like Bob Popovics, raising over $100,000 for PHW. This year's contributors include fly tying Jedis Bob Clouser, Russ Forney, Steve Silverio, Jim Finn, Captain Chris Newsome, and the venerable Singlebarbed. Not bad company to keep.

More information can be found over at the Project Healing Waters 2-Fly Tournament blog.


  1. you going to be there?

  2. Unfortunately no. I'll be out in Oregon fishing with John Montana.