April 26, 2010

tangerine dream

burnt orange & clouser
An emergency session was called to order. The powers that be ran out of Burnt Orange Squirrel dubbing and there was no time to get to a shop to buy some. I was called to duty in order to concoct a makeshift blend of hare, rabbit, squirrel, antron, and acrylic to match the original. Lacking a very necessary ingredient, squirrel body fur, there were a lot of liberties taken at the grinder, substituting materials to achieve a similar blend and texture. Not have fibers dyed in burnt orange posed another problem; I had to improvise to achieve a color match. Shades of rust, brown, black, and fluorescent orange spun round in the mixer, doused with a touch of tabby for good measure. I used no less than ten different shades of yarn to achieve the color blend desired. Alchemy at its finest.

dub and clouser
You can be the judge on whether or not I was able to match the original; I was pretty damn close even if I had to use more synthetics. Of course, no nymph blend crafted at the hands of the roughfisher can be left unscathed without a hit of Angelina. It's gotta have a splash of flash baby, or it just won't swing.

Swimming nymphs courtesy of John Montana.

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  1. Sweet. I have enough flies to get us through the first day or two but I think we will have to tie some and that dubbing mix will come in handy!

    Weather is potential problem. If it was easy everyone would do it.