October 3, 2014


LOUISVILLE, CO — Umpqua Feather Merchants is excited to announce that carp and “roughfish” fly tyer/designer Jean-Paul Lipton has joined Umpqua’s team of Signature Tyers. One of the early practitioners of the carp-on-the-fly movement, Lipton applies his knowledge of stream biology, ecology, and geomorphology in his development and application of unconventional fly fishing techniques to pursue carp and other underutilized fish species. Lipton has spent countless hours studying and monitoring their feeding habits and diets, painstakingly developing fly patterns and the techniques necessary to convince a sub terminally mouthed fish to take an artificial fly.

“It is an honor to be enlisted with the Umpqua fly designer corps, serving alongside the originator of the carp on the fly movement, Barry Reynolds. I am eager to help bring Umpqua to the forefront of global carp fly domination!”
—Jean-Paul Lipton

Lipton resides in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, where he performs fisheries management work for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. When he is not busy working on stream habitat restoration projects for the DNR, he enjoys spending time on the Otter Tail River where he pursues roughfish on the fly. Lipton is a GreenFish Ambassador and member of many industry pro staff teams. Lipton’s blog, “roughfisher.com,” features his latest carp and roughfish fly patterns and news. His Umpqua flies include Admiral Akbar, Carp Assassin, Carp Crack, Dragon Slayer, Darth Clam, Landing Strip and Mustache Ride.

“JP is an important addition to our line up of Royalty Fly Designers. With his extensive knowledge of fisheries management, he is an authority on carp and other sub terminally mouthed species. His innovative designs strengthen Umpqua’s impressive selection of warm water fly patterns.”
—Brian Schmidt, Fly Manager, Umpqua Feather Merchants

Umpqua Sig Tyer Lipton
New Umpqua Signature Royalty Fly Designer, Jean Paul Lipton, doing what he loves to most.

Umpqua Sig Tyer Lipton

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Umpqua Feather Merchants late founder, Dennis Black, established the first royalty tyer/designer program in 1972 — a program that rewards fly tyers for their creativity on many levels, and inspires innovation and creativity among the fly designing world. Today, Umpqua has more than 150 talented designers in its royalty program, and introduces an average of over 100 new fly patterns per year to its extensive catalog of flies. In addition to being the world’s largest producer of quality hand-tied flies, Umpqua offers retailers a diverse and award-winning selection of fly-fishing accessories, leader and tippet, packs/bags/vests, hooks, and fly tying tools and materials. (www.umpqua.com)

September 8, 2014

Latergrams - Week 36

I realize that content being published on the blog has not exactly been superfluous this year. For that I apologize to my viewers, if any of you are even left here to read this. It's not that content isn't being created, it is! It's just that I haven't been posting and publishing that content directly to the blog. There always was, and will continue to be, content being published directly to roughfisher.com's social media outlets, due to its design to be simple, interactive and in real-time.

There is a need from time to time to have and maintain a static database, a log if you will, of all of my published content. This is where my blog will likely reside for the indefinite future. It is a trend I have been observing across the board, and frankly with my time constraints, it is quite burdensome and daunting to transcribe all of my content on the blog on a daily basis. Thus, I will bring to you a weekly digest highlighting my most popular Instagram photos of the week, so that you, the reader, can stay abreast of what's being created at my vise or being caught out on the water, even if you do not participate in social media. So please enjoy, and if you have any comments, question, or concerns, with my future publishing content and delivery methods, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or use the Contact form to notify me. The following listed are links to my various social media outlets. Please check them out if you haven't already done so and follow! Thanks!

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June 10, 2014

Lipton's Black Flag

Lipton's Black Flag
Lipton's Black Flag:
Hook: Umpqua U401 (O'Shaugnessy Stainless) Size 6
Thread: UNI Thread, 6/0 Black
Tail: Moose Mane
Body: Roughfisher's custom dub, Black Gold
Underwing: Krystal Flash, Black/Peacock
Legs: India Hen, natural
Thorax: 3.2 mm tungsten bead; Roughfisher's custom dub, Black Gold
Eyes: #3 (2.4 mm) ball chain, black

Lipton's Black Flag
This fly is patterned after the black quill mayfly, Leptophlebia Cupida, prevalent in northern Minnesota in early Summer. Most nymphs range in the 9-11 mm size range with adults measuring around 15 mm. While not prolific enough to generate superhatches, their medium to large size and their propensity to school up and migrate upstream like minnows are enough to make this species of mayfly relevant to anglers. As a result, I would not hesitate to fish this fly as a streamer in riffle sections or in pocket water adjacent to the slack water they are known to reside in much of the year. Due to the dark coloration and size of this pattern, these would also fish well as a larger mayfly, or stonefly or skwala nymph pattern.

Notes: I like to tie on heavy, short-shanked hooks, so even though this particular pattern is tied on a size 6 O'Shaugnessy hook, the body of the fly is probably sized closer to a traditional sized 10 or 12 nymph hook. I colored the hook black with a marker to keep hook glare down and give the fly a dark, subdued look. Like most mayfly nymphs, I tie mine heavy; there is a tungsten bead tied in underneath the body just behind the bead chain eyes. This will help keep your fly in the zone when fish riffles or deep runs.