March 28, 2013

Great Waters Expo 2013

Lipton Carp Talk
Great Waters was a success this year. Healthy attendance for 2013, over 1000 more folks showed up this year over last years show. It was evident that carp on the fly was a topic of interest among expo goers. Between Justin's and my talks, every seat at the stage was filled and it was standing room only with a crowd formed around the stage. Even at the fly stage, where I performed an hour long demo tying up some of my best, seats were filled and anglers huddled around the area to see what was going on. I have to say I was impressed, and totally underestimate the crowd and the interest carp would have on the fly angling populace, especially in Minnesota.

Watkins Carp Talk
Anyone who had a chance to catch Justin's talk was in for a treat. There was some amazing fish porn, and a showcase of support for carp after the whole Moldy Chum debacle and John Montana's Slab of the Year award. Pretty funny to see the bitchy whiny trout guys complain about a carp online after you put it in perspective. The crowd had a few good laughs on that one.

sly sacks
Thanks to Geoff Samples, Brad Befus, and the rest of the Ross/Scentific Anglers crew for letting us showcase our talents. It was also a treat to watch Tyler and Vivian Befus tie up some dandies at the table next to me. They definitely have some talent and and it was pleasure tying alongside them. The SA/Ross fly tying table attracted plenty of visitors. Between MPLS Fly and Rip Lips custom musky flies, there were a steady stream of visitors, passerbys, and folks taking a seat to soak it all in. I filled up some fat sacks of Carp Crack for any unsuspecting customers to try on their local carp scene. If you missed your chance to grab a few packs, get some here.

Brian O'Keefe informed me that I had the best attended seminar at the whole show. Whether or not he was being a gentleman or it was the flat out truth, what was evident to me is that carp do, in fact, rule, and that there was plenty of interest in the subject. I'm already looking forward to next year's show and hoping to convert a few more followers to the dark art of carp fishing with a fly.

March 14, 2013

2013 Great Waters Fly Expo

2013 Great Waters Fly Expo
Just a little over a week until the Great Waters Fly Expo. This is the 10th anniversary for the Tom Helgeson's Great Waters Fly Expo. The event is once again being held at the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN, March 22 through 24, 2013, in the new exhibit hall. I'll be presenting, spreading the gospel of the dark arts of fly fishing for carp and roughfish. I'll also be found in the fly tying demonstration area so find me at the Scientific Anglers and Ross Reels tying table and their vendor booth.

I'll have plenty of flies available for sale, as well as stickers and dubbing, and a bunch of Mountain Khakis swag and their new spring catalog. Can't forget CarpPro, there'll be plenty of stickers available to go around.

See you there!

March 5, 2013

CarpPro Issue 2

Dudes and dudettes , you're doing yourself all a disservice if you haven't yet checked out Issue Two of the revamped CarpPro magazine. Not only is it free, but there is extensive coverage of the 2013 Fly Swap to end all fly swaps, held by CarpPro pro staffer Trevor Tanner. I'm talking serious fly porn here folks. Arguably the best fly swap on the internet hands down, all species included. And as always, tons of carp content.

CarpPro Issue 2
Of special note is a call out to all you janky carpers out there from Will Rice. The Blue Monkey Challenge. Page 74. Do it now!