November 15, 2012


I walked on water.

Okay, so maybe I had a little help. The majority of the small and medium sized lakes in the region locked up with ice over the past week. Blanketed with recent snowfall, the frost line is as deep as six inches in some areas already. Coupled with low river flows, I can pretty much count the season as over. Even as a die hard angler, I am not reluctant to call it over, as fish were few and far between in early September, seeking the refuge of deeper water. Any efforts at this time spent searching for fish worthy of a drift seem futile, and more like a fool's quest.

Seems only reasonable that my days now be spent behind the vise, on icy treks across frozen lakes in search of fish through a freshly augered hole, celebrating the ups and downs of college hockey, traversing billowy drifts of fresh powder underneath my snowmobile, and warm comfortable evenings at home with the family, waiting, waiting, waiting, for that first sign of spring when I can once again drift a nymph.


November 3, 2012

Carp Crack: It's an Epidemic

If you haven't checked out the Fall issue of the Drake yet, you're doing yourself a great disservice. Among the accustomed fine photography and literary work is a Scuddlebutt piece by Pete McDonald of fishing jones fame, featuring yours truly.

the Drake mag
This is not a an egotistical pandering for your kudos. As per the usual, Pete naturally captures what we ponder and perceive on ink and paper, an arduous task for any writer in a sport as panoramic yet enveloped as fly fishing is. His frustration during his endeavours with pursuing the wily carp are poignantly captured in this anecdote. Read the piece to see how his journey ends against the carp.

Carp Crack in the fly bins
On a recent trip to Denver, I had to make pilgrimage to one of the finest fly shops in the nation, Trout's Fly Shop. Aside from the obligatory bullshit sessions with shop celebs Will Rice and Michael Gracie, every staffer in the shop from owner Tucker Ladd down to the shop dog, knows their stuff and they most definitely know how to run a fly shop. It's always a trip seeing your own signature fly patterns in the fly bin, even better when you see customers riffling through the bins and picking out your flies among the other fine offerings Trout's has to offer. Humbling to say the least.

In commemoration of the success of my Carp Crack pattern, I will be offering a special bonus with any Crack Pack order during the month of November from my online store. Simply purchase a 12 Pack of the Crack Pack and enter the promo code: DRAKE (or mention it in the order comment section) during checkout and I'll throw in a free Ruffian, as seen in the photo above. Order the 24 Pack and I'll throw three Ruffians!
This hot fly pattern is not yet available in stores.

The Ruffian is the baby brother to the Carp Crack, and has been my go to pattern this season. Effective in burnt orange, tan, olive, and black, this fly has been deadly on everything from smallies to carp. Burnt orange, however remains my favorite. Order your Crack Pack today and get hooked up!

November 2, 2012

A triumphant return

I know it's been a long hiatus; I apologize for my absence. Life's been busy at the Roughfisher Command Post, including the usual busy workload synonymous with the summer field season, a myriad of fly orders to tie, married life with my new bride, and the usual goings on with two young kids at home. Throw in a new job and a coaching gig for the wife, gymnastics for my daughter, and starting my son with skating and hockey this fall. Busy. But not to fret, field season is winding down and I'll have more time to spend behind the helm at the Command Post.

steal your fish
I've got a bunch of exciting and interesting things to share with you all, like the newly revamped CarpPro, some recent publicity for my flies, some upcoming gear reviews like a look at SmithFly's modular switch belt system and new 3X pouch, some new products coming down the line, and much more.

Welcome back, and welcome to any new folks visiting the blog for the first time. Stay tuned.