June 27, 2013

The Midnight Meat Train

Midnight Meat Train
Some meaty morsels for Beaver Island. I have a feeling that the carp of Lake Michigan will enjoy feasting on these slabs of meat. Pass the bbq and hot sauce.

Midnight Meat Train

Midnight Meat Train
Still some room left for Carp Camp on Beaver Island. Rock Bottom Pricing: $1300 (Referral deal not eligible). Visit the Carp Camp page and use the contact form to book. Hard to believe it's only a couple weeks away.

June 21, 2013

Why Roughfish Don't Suck

Reason number nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine why redhorse are beautiful.

Male Shorthead Redhorse in full spawning regalia, complete with tubercles.

Hot Deal - Beaver Island Carp Camp Referral Bonus

Hey folks! Just a few more weeks until Carp Camp 2013 kicks off on Beaver Island, MI. Hard to believe but the first of the hosted trips with Indigo Guide Service is getting under way today! Check out the latest trip reports on Third Coast Fly.

Even harder to believe is that I still have a couple spots left for Carp Camp. The nitty gritty: July 11 through 16 on Beaver Island, Michigan. Four and a half days guided fishing and five nights lodging, breakfast and lunch included, along with plenty of swag and freebies. All for just $1499. Here's the deal, I want to keep the guides at Indigo happy, and that means them working putting us on big great lakes carp! So here's my deal for you:

Get a buddy to sign up and book a spot with me at Carp Camp 2013 and I'll cut you $150. Better yet, you and a friend both book a spot and you'll both get $150 knocked off your trips, that's a 10% discount!.

Maybe you need to check out this video to help seal the deal and get you pumped up for sumo carp!

Flats of the Third Coast from FP Media on Vimeo.

Contact me via the Carp Camp 2013 page or any other method you know how and mention the referral deal. Once your buddy books and pays their deposit, I'll pass along your referral bonus. If both of you participate in the referal plan, I'll just deduct your bonus from the overall cost of the trip.

Sound like a deal? I hope so!