December 7, 2009

The Grinch: Stealing all the little kids' toys

Plastic jewelry cord
Back at it again, the roughfisher has been busy plundering the aisles of the Hobby Lobby, complete craft store mayhem. I've been down the jewelry aisle a time or two or before, snatching up bargain basement deals on metal beads, glass Czech beads, stretch magic cord, cheap copper wire, and the occasional score on bead chain. For some reason or another, I've oft overlooked the adjacent aisle, rife with plastic beads and craft cord; items targeted for the pre-teen crowd. Time to slum it up and take a look.

S'getti string
Magic Loops
Pony Bead Lacing
S'getti Strings, Magic Loops, and Pony Bead Lacing, a full compliment of the rainbow. I even scored a skein of glow in the dark Pony Bead Lacing. The S'getti Strings is solid and some what elastic; it will make great caddis bodies whether ribbed or tied in whole. The Pony Bead Lacing and Magic Loops are hollow. One idea is to thread the tubing on the hook shank for an easy body. I will experiment with fire and see if I can crimp the ends of the tube with heat. It would make a great hollow body for dries or emerger pattern, providing much desired buoyancy. The Pony Bead Lacing was provided with a "connector". Basically it was a piece of hard mono (80# test?) that you insert inside the tube to connect two tag ends. I'm thinking that if I'm looking for a hard body section on a pattern, I can add a piece of mono to the inside of the tube to add rigidity. Stuff the tube with wire or lead and you've got a lead zeppelin.

colored bead chain
Colored bead chain; first time I've seen it at this particular store branch. Likely it's just painted, even though it was the price of anodized (preferred). At a buck per 20" section of chain it's a bit spendy, but no more than what you get ripped off for on a piece of brass chain at the local fly shop. The colors are little out there, but they may provide a unique color to some crazy charlie or clouser minnow patterns.

You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch.

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