April 6, 2010

Pedro's cousin with all the sweet hook-ups

Many thanks to Mr. Muncy for his generosity. Switters B always has the hookups on cool patterns and tying materials. Singlebarbed is good, but even he misses out on a few interesting finds on occasion.

Fuzzy Stuff
micro straggle
dubbing brush
Gary posted a few cool czech nymph tying materials on his blog recently. His caddis ties were wonderful, almost abstract looking. At times, I wish my style of tying was more like that. No matter how much of a rut and tyer's block I may find myself in, a visit over to Gary's site always snaps me out of my funk. Funny how another's perspective and interpretation of a pattern can be so different, yet so wonderfully enlightening. Like the far side of the Moon.

1 comment:

  1. It's way more sinister than that - I'm intentionally witholding the "good stuff." That dubbing brush material looks outstanding, I may relent.