April 13, 2010

Stella Blue

Stella by Tamm yarn
A nice acrylic yarn that I came across at The Hobby Lobby, Stella by Tamm (Omega). 95% acrylic and 5% metallic nylon. One skein per 371 yards at 3.52 oz. Comes in 25 colors, many of them embedded with a Krystal Flash weave. Plenty of buggy colors too. Under $5 bucks a skein at the Hobby Lobby, same price over at Creative Yarn source. The texture of the fibers would make for nice nymph bodies if the yarn is wrapped straight on the hook, or chopped and dubbed.

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  1. JP, dig the new look of the land. Flies are looking good too, the Carp Carrot. We have to make a second run on those fish we missed out on last year.

    I've been meaning to perhaps prod you for a post regarding making your own dubbing, I recently picked up a coffee grinder and want to work with all kinds of crap, what works well? Do you need to chop fur? Length? Cat Fur? Thoughts? How to make a consistent batch? What things should I consider before I go putting my eggs into baskets, then grinding them into omelets? Thanks for any/all advise in advance man.