March 15, 2010

PSA #3: Stuffed Meats

on the rack
In a move to collect more capital, I went into hardcore sausage production here at the Roughfisher Command Post. Singlebarbed's offer of a one foot square of Polar Bear and a Jungle Cock cape are great and all, but I want something worthy of a brownliner. Give me a pound of glimmer flash chenille in cinnamon, or 2K 5/32" tungsten beads. Throw in a thousand Knapek scud hooks, size 10; hell, I'll even settle for Skalka's. Throw in everything you've got, 'cause these goods aren't going to go cheap.

raw pepperoni
curry wurst, linguiça
A batch of pepperoni, currywurst, and Hawaiian-style portuguese sausage, aka linguiça. Can't go wrong smoking up a pork loin either, canadian bacon style.

pork loin
Now that I've got you drooling, open up your wallets. The bidding war has begun.


  1. Nice looking stuff man! I'm feeling the urge to rig up a Red-Green smoker again...

  2. How about a 4 day guided trip to the secret flats of the great Columbia River? Hah!

    Bring some of that sausage man!

  3. Dang those look good JP, bet they taste the bollocks as well.

  4. Damn, I can copy the flies but not that work of art! Tag "Fuck you PETA", I'm still laughing!! Thanks again for the compliment.