March 10, 2010

Up 'North's Schwaggy Giveaway

Git yo' schwiggity schwag on over Up 'North for some free shizz. Throw down a line or two in the commentz about what fly fishing meanz to you and you can win some fliez and whatnot from Bro-ham Ben. Did I mention that there wuz free shizz? Maybe the First Lady of Up 'North will throw in a back rub while Ben's beloved poochy Molly lickz your feet. Happy ending anyone?

Up 'North's First Lady

Whatchu waitin fo'? Getcha some.


  1. bahahahahahahahahahahaha I love it. So close to a sneak peak, but the mystery still remains..! (Back rub most def. not included-But i'll see if I can find some skudderhog to give the winner one if you want)