March 25, 2010

First responder

What do you do when you have to sit through a mandatory CPR refresher? Scan the scene for any thing worth taking home. The CPR face shields they use for the training manakins are the perfect material for DIY scud backing. It's plastic, not latex, but it still has a bit of give like the fly shop variety. It even has the same type of mottled texture. This stuff should shear nicely in the paper cutter for making into strips.

CPR shield
Looking at a few medical suppliers online, these shield run for about a $0.30 a piece, of course you need to buy a lot of 6 rolls worth of sheets. Lucky for me, my fellow coworkers left their shields behind and I snatched them up, none the wiser. A quick jaunt in the microwave should take care of any shacknasties my fellow brethren may be harboring.

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