March 9, 2010

PSA #2: DIY Fly Boxes

Part of the roughfisher spirit is doing it yourself. Some may call it cheap, some thrifty, I say if you can do a project yourself, why not make it better? Clifford makes a mighty fine box, but you can make your own custom fly box of comparable quality for easily less than half the price and with minimal effort. Here's how.

small fly boxes
I already did the hard part for you and found a great price through a distributor for the Flambeau Precision boxes, the exact same boxes that Cliff uses for the Bugger Barns and smaller fly boxes. Check out Mouser Electronics and you can find the same box used for the Day's Worth for only $3.61. The beauty of buying through Mouser is that you don't need to buy case quantity (except for the 4040-2 [Bugger Barn size] at this time). I was even fortunate to receive a complimentary upgrade to 2 Day Air when I placed my order, how's that for service?

Head on over to the craft store and pick up a couple sheets of 6 mm craft foam, in any color you like, and some craft foam glue. If your store doesn't carry 6 mm craft foam sheets, don't worry, I've got you covered. I like to cut out a template of the inside of the box with a sheet of paper, then trace the template onto the craft foam. I used a heavy duty pair of shears to cut the foam; an exacto blade works great for cutting slits in the foam to hold your flies. I spaced mine about 1 cm apart. Apply the adhesive to the back of the foam and let dry. All you need to do is press the foam into the inside of the box and your almost ready to go.

open boxes
If you're interested in making a magnetic bottom like on the Day's Worth box, pick up a package of paintable magnetic sheeting while at the craft store. Cut out a piece using a template like the foam pieces and apply adhesive to the back of the magnet and set in the box. If you're looking for those nifty little foam dividers to separate flies, take a piece of the waste foam and cut out a narrow 1/4" strip of foam and adhere on top the magnet or on top of the inner lid of the case using the foam adhesive.

day's worth
Here's the easy part: Grab your favorite stickers and plaster them all over your boxes and show your pride. Pimp your awesomeness with style. Your welcome.

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by: the roughfisher