March 8, 2010

Breakin' the Seal

first COP of '10
Early season fishing is great in the Great White North, as long as put aside the fact that you'll be fishing in knee high snow and a constant threat of frozen rod guides and icy hands. Finding fish can be a tough task this time of year, though warm water discharges and other sections of open water will typically hold fish. Fish will be lethargic and many will still be fasting, but that doesn't mean that others will be unwilling to take a fly. Time to strap one on and get your tip wet.

Small nymphs are my ticket to the cold water season. Not only do they not draw much attention, thus reducing your chances of spooking fish, smaller hook gapes around stacked up fish will result in far less foul hook-ups. I try to lay off the flash during bright conditions; the drab coloration of a Czech style nymph may just be the ticket. Add to the fact that the only nymphs I noticed in the water yesterday were tiny caddis and midge larvae and your decision is made.

QBS zoom
Quillbacks, bigmouth buffalo, carp, redhorse, and freshwater drum rounded out the day. I wish I caught more drum around here; sheepies are mighty fine on the fly. Suprisingly the water was still very clear, even though flows were running in the 95th percentile. The little bit of snow melt that had occurred over the past couple days seemed to have little effect on turbidity. That won't last long.

BIB hero shot
It felt good to swing the double hander again. I hadn't had the chance to fish my Echo TR 12' 5 weight much last year. This is the time of year where the long rod shines. Nailed my first victim already.


  1. Nice! I'm on the longest dry spell ever (but then one of my holes of last year no longer exists...) I need to find some better water, but that may mean a long drive upstream

  2. Nice fish JP! Looking at the stream gauge was depressing but looking at your photos got the juices going again.

  3. Sweet buff man. Nice work. Starting to scope around here. Won't be long.

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