March 31, 2010

The posse's arrived

possie buggers
Just because. The Possie Bugger is so full of awesomeness, that it deserved an encore showing. I crafted a couple variations, including a UV dubbing tipped version and a soft hackle version. These buggers are going to get down and do some dirty work for me this month. I've got a slew of suckers just waiting to get their lips pierced.

UV possie
Bask in their glory.


  1. What size are these little guys?

    Also, you will need to see how the fish like that silver bead. The pattern calls for a lot less flash with a flat black bead and no flash in the body.

    I tied one up yesterday in size 4, had to be the biggest "nymph" I've ever tied.

  2. size 8 TMC 3761. The other ones I tied were on size 10 TFS 2305. Fish have taken the UV version with the unfinished tungsten bead so it must not bother them.

    I'm not sure what recipe you are referring to, but the video on the Caddis Fly shop page had a flash rib and a wire rib.

  3. These babies will catch fish anywhere, but work especially well in the waters near the Caddis Fly Shop. Tie up some bigguns with rubber legs...they work well as stonefly nymphs.

    Thanks for posting up the sweet ties and all the great variations!