October 29, 2009

Seasonal Scores

The Holiday seasons always bombard retail stores, flooding the shelves with ornamental crap and gaudy flare. Hot with this year's new look, just about everything on the sales floor would seem fitting for a Griswold's Christmas. It seems every year the push starts earlier; they're already pushing Christmas gear and Halloween hasn't yet arrived. What to do when the missus drags you down the aisle schlepping over the seasonal wares? Put on the cheapskate Santa cap and get to work.

copper twinkle trim
pearl twinkle trim
Scored some Twinkle Trim in copper and pearl. I don't know why I've never noticed this stuff before, but it is stamped mylar that throws a bit of kink. Looks a little funkier than the straight cut stuff most of us all find, a bit thinner too. I'm thinking dubbing material. This stuff might not make the best bodies or tails (or maybe it will?) but it will be the balls when mixed in with some fur, antron, and angelina. The copper stuff's got crawdaddy written all over it. I'll have to try it on a roughfisher swimming nymph.

gift shred
A lifetime supply of gift shred in turquoise and rose. Matches the bag of pearl gift shred I picked up last year. Maybe not the cheapest way to acquire this stuff, but the convenience of pre-shredded crinkled mylar at only a buck an ounce is fine with my pocket book. The pearl stuff works great for flashback wingcases and wrapped bodies on simple soft hackle or midge patterns. Apparently there's a black variety that I somehow need to get my hands on. Killer stoneflies!

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