October 28, 2009


maroon shine
rose glow
cream gleam
Anytime I get a shipment from Singlebarbed, I never know what I'm gonna find in the bottom of the box. Keith's always good for throwing in a few extra goodies and you don't know whether or not he's letting you in on the next best thing, or he's just pawning off some crap from one of his many failed experiments. Or maybe it's a super secret front for spreading some new super disease akin to H1N1 amongst brownliners, in hopes that we'll become "immunized" when the apocalypse comes and rids the earth of blueliners, gear tossers, and faggot bowfisherman. Either way, I've got a pile of yarn that I need to find a use for.

Patons Glittallic. True to Barton's romantic style, this yarn has been discontinued by the manufacturer and my sense is that the hording has begun. Glittallic is a bulky weight eyelash and ribbon yarn, made of 95% polyester and 5% lurex (metallic). It is suitable for palmering directly on the hook for larger nymph patterns, or its ultimate destiny with the grinder for that bug crazed dub look. Mighty fine to me.

People may call Singlebarbed many things, but they'll never call him stingy. Looks like I've plenty of work to keep me busy for a while.

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