October 7, 2009

PSA #1: Luminescence

Nocturnal nymph
The thought crossed my mind a while back on how to approach nocturnal feeding fish. I had been getting my ass kicked daily on the water by non-feeding fish and had to crack that code. Since sight fishing is out of the question, a fellow carp angler raised the question of tying luminous flies. Why not? Ice fisherman use glow jigs all the time. That idea sparked the genesis of the roughfisher Nocturnal nymph.

glow bugs
The tail and body were tied with glow in the dark flashabou, and a fluorescent yellow wire rib was tied in to secure the material. The thorax was tied with either glimmer flash chenille, krystal chenille, or UV dub. A tungsten head rounded out the pattern, tied on a Togen scud hook.

glow in the dark
During the peak of summer, it does not get dark until around 2230 up here, the sunset topping out around 2130. Travel obligations for work and young kids at home don't allow for fishing late anymore, besides, who knows what will happen to the roughfisher after midnight. Fishing at night may not always be an option, however, this pattern would be just as effective in the pre-dawn hours and other low light conditions, especially early and late in the season. By the end of October, the lazy sun is rising after 0800 and setting near 1800, providing plenty of low light conditions throughout the day. Another benefit of the luminescence of this pattern is that it may also improve visibility in turbid waters. Add another weapon to the arsenal.

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by: the roughfisher

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  1. Nice looking flies and i love the dark picture of them!

  2. Glo-inna-Dark, that pegs the Sweet-O-Meter at maximum. Great stuff.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Awesome. Flies to match the color of the water below the powerplant...

  5. I'm digging this idea. It's brilliant in a "why didn't Orvis fly scientists think of that and rip me off for $5.00 each already" kinda way.

  6. Oh very unique fly...

  7. YES SIR! That's some ass kicking right there!