October 26, 2009


1# of Angelina
I went into cahoots with Singlebarbed and ended up with one pound of Angelina, direct from the manufacturer. No, we're not on crack. Though a pound will last many a lifetime, Keith purchased an undisclosed amount in his quest for world domination of the fly tying universe. I have it on good authority that he is up to his usual alchemist shenanigans, concocting unworldly creations in his laboratory and getting high off the fumes.

Singlebarbed's top secret project
I don't have any grandiose plans for my cut of the booty, other than cutting it straight into my dubbing blends. No conjuring up voodoo and whatnot for me, I'll leave that for Master until his demise, whereupon I'll follow in his craft.

The Aurora is the typical color used in most of the Ice Dub blends by Hareline and other manufacturers. It gives off a holographic effect, and can also mimic trapped gases when dubbed on nymph bodies. It's a major component in the roughfisher's custom dubbing blends. It is fished well during low light conditions where a little extra flash may be needed to get a fish's attention.

For those of you who like tying with the UV Ice Dub, The Violette is what you seek. This material gives off an iridescent like sheen for that little extra sparkle on your nymph patterns. It's a favorite of mine and I like to cut it into some killer dubbing blends. This material is a little more subdued than the Aurora and is perfect when you need your flash to go incognito, especially when fishing in bright sunlight.

Get your UV Dub at the Roughfisher Fly Fishing online store.

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