October 20, 2009

ditch bangin'

ditch chickens
Mid October means one thing in the Upper Midwest: pheasant season.

I had to travel damn near south of the border (Iowa not Mexico) to get to the nether regions of the corn belt, a six hour drive south from the Roughfisher Command Post. Southwestern Minnesota is prime country for ditch chickens. Hopefully I'll get a shot at these tasty exotics before the rain comes rolling in from the west.

When it comes to the issue of animal rights, pheasants have rights:
the right to be served with bacon, onions, and wild rice.

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  1. Awesome. I love Pheasant... Grouse too. Out here there are a lot more Grouse than Pheasants, but New York State stocks the Pheasants. Its sort of like stocked trout right after the truck leaves - except these guys never take off, they just run away.

  2. Gotta get some ditch chickens myself. The season here in Colorado doesn't start until well into November, so I have waiting to do.

  3. There is not much better than hunting birds .Especially with a good dog.

  4. My dog just got back from South Dakota. I'm sure I will have plenty of meat and feathers to last quite a while. My girl's dad and brother take them out there for the hunt, pick up 9 birds in a short few hours the day limit I think. I plan to make the trip next year and bring back a few birds of my own, I think I'm better with a fly rod though.