December 19, 2008

What's a Facebook?

Facebook. There, I've said it. Never has one site arguably wasted so much of our time. Employers must be furious; how much of their dole is spent on staff gossiping networking on Facebook while on the clock? Never has productivity dipped so low since eBay hit the scene. What does this have to do with fishing? Everything.


By today's youth standards, I'm an old timer. Even when I signed up on Facebook several years ago, I was borderline on the creep factor. At the time I joined, membership was still only open to college students, and a valid college email address was required to set up an account. So what If I had graduated 5 years prior? I got in and created a profile, and quickly caught up with a few other alumni who had managed to get online. Fast forward about 4 years and now everyone under the sun has a Facebook account. It cracks me up to see some of the older blokes online, hell the internet wasn't even invented by Al Gore yet when they went to school. [insert political pundit here] Nonetheless, the social prowess of this powerful networking tool is not to be underestimated.

Fly shops, bloggers and other industry folk alike are migrating over to Facebook to advertise and join the networking crowd. I've got folks from all over the world, whom I don't even know, requesting to be "my friend". I even caught Moldy over there forming a group for his Chum Nation. Not to be outdone, I started my own group for miscreants and banditos, The Roughfisher Society. Stop on by and join the ranks. We're looking for a few good men.

[During the writing of this post, I noticed that Moldy had his own Facebook post on his site. Sorry for the infringement.]

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  1. I am new to facebook and even newer to Twitter (how I found out about your site), but I have been blogging for a couple of years now.

    Social networking and fishing go hand in hand. It is a great way to get fishing in front of teens, children, and women. These are all groups we are trying to turn onto this great activity in Yukon.

    I recently started a Facebook group called Hooked on Yukon Fishing ( and am enjoying engaging with a different market.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Dennis. I agree that the internet and social networking sites are powerful tools for anglers. I moved to DL almost 5 years ago, and didn't know a soul in town. Through a popular fishing site here in MN, I managed to meet up with a few folks and have made some lasting friendships as well as fishing buddies.