December 1, 2008

something smells funny, and for once it ain't me

Look at these dirtbags at the Drake forums kick the old roughfisher around like a fleshy beanbag. A social experiment gone wrong. Turns out that not all dry fly guys play nice.

I'm sure some of you frequent that site, but I think that what goes on over at the Fakes clearly defines the current state of fly fishing: there is a clear rift emerging between fly anglers. There's the Madison Ave weekend warriors, sporting grass sticks, clad in Orvis armor sipping single malt swill from a fucking figured glass. Don't know shit about fly fishing, but look good doing it.

On the other hand, there are the working stiffs, the Gen Xers, can't rub two pennies together to save their life, but have a complete arsenal of Sage, Scott and Winston rods stuffed in their cute-utes, an array of patterns stuck in their visors, know the flow conditions on any river at any given time, and are complete assholes, on and off the river. These are guys the fly rags are sticking on their magazine covers. Sure, many of them may be accomplished anglers, but their confidence on the river is easily transformed into pomp and swagger.

If one of "you" are reading this, FUCK OFF, your kind is not welcome here.

The rest of us, well we just have to deal and put up with all their bullshit and crap that they try to force down out throats.

I'm not sounding off here because I'm jealous of those clownshoes on that forum, or pissed off at the "youth" of today. I tried giving some solid advice on a thread and ended up getting bitch slapped by some wannabes. So much for trying to help another angler. I learned a couple things from my foray over at the Drake forum:
  • Blueliners don't like brown. I give them an olive branch, they kick me in the nutz.
  • Dudes that live in the basement of their parent's house and post on the forums, can't really fish, but play a good game.
  • I don't need some stupid-ass message board to know that what I'm doing is legit; I'm not looking for a fucking pat on the back.
  • I'm not going to be that ashhole.

Pete McDonald from Fishing Jones, said it best,
"Those seem to be the only two rules that fly fishermen should live by: Don’t be an asshole and make the cast."
Clearly, I'm dealing with a bunch of assholes. Let the flames begin.

- the roughfisher

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  1. Wow. I read through that post, and in a strange way I was in awe... Hard to believe that people can be extreme fucking dicks like that. Impressive.

    I was considering a subscription to The Drake, as it seems to be a quality publication. The association here has a cast a shadow on it though.