December 7, 2008

the brownline 2008.12.07

  • Fishing Jones kicks the tweed wearing crowd in the nuts.
    "Those seem to be the only two rules that fly fishermen should live by: Don’t be an asshole and make the cast."
    Fucking brilliant.
  • The guys over at Fishing and Thinking in Minnesota want to fly fish India. There's some serious contenders to break the record Mahseer on the fly (27 lbs).

    I'm up for some chana masala, aloo gobi, and naan fresh from the tandoor; Who's spotting the plane fare?
  • You can never keep a good man down, the Day tripper is back with his new blog, 40 River to Freedom. He chases after some Great Lakes chrome on his latest adventure and ends at the end of the rainbow.

    stout + onions + trout = delicious

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  1. The closest I could come was Pakistan, these lads go ape for Mahseer..