December 11, 2008

pow pow time?

Major storm brewing?

A major winter storm is brewing up in the central plains and is likely headed my way this weekend. The usual winter mess of snow and high winds will mark the passing of another typical storm out here on the edge of the prairie. You don't even need new snow here to make things messy; just a bit of ground cover and the typical wind blowing in from the dakotas can make for treacherous conditions. There's a reason there are snow gates on the highways out here, the roads often drift shut. It looks as though I'll be battening down the hatches and hunkering down for a good one.

"Why does North Dakota blow? Because Wisconsin sucks."

I've got the tractor mounted snowblower ready, a cache of good coffee in the pantry, and tasty tunes lined up on the mp3 player. Singlebarbed somehow managed to send his brownliner cooties over the internet waves to me last weekend, and I've just about recovered. Hopefully I can get a productive fly tying session going this weekend, as I have the itch. I'm in desperate need of hooks (I've managed to procrastinate my hook order for a couple months now), but should have enough to get me through the weekend, even if I muster up a manic episode of tying. I've got mountains of craft yarn and bernat boa to keep me occupied. The only thing I can hope for is a spark of creativity and some focus. The evil temptress of fresh snow will try and enchant me, my snowmobile calling my name.  The sweet elixir of fresh powder running underneath; It soothes the soul. Hussy.

Ahhhh, drug-induced NyQuil trips cabin fever.

1 comment:

  1. Brownliner's dont have "cooties" - our diseases end in "-demics"; epidemic, pandemic, and academic ...

    I sent precious antibodies - not cooties, that way I'd have at least one guy to fish with while watching everyone else died horribly...