December 28, 2008

Belle's bomber nymph

The old family cat was a wonderful source of dubbing. She was a brown tabby, and her hair was a cross between grey squirrel and hare, the perfect combination of underfur, awn hair, and guard hair. It made for some killer dubbing blends. She will be missed, but will continue to live on through my fly patterns.

I tied up a few nymphs this afternoon, variations of a hare's ear nymph pattern.

Belle's bomber nymph

purple Belle's bomber nymph

rubber legged Belle's bomber nymph
Tied on Daiichi 1120 2X strong scud hooks. Dark Brown 6/0 Uni thread, hare guard hairs tail, cat fur/crystal angelina dubbing blend body, gold Ultrawire rib, peacock glimmer chenille thorax, mylar wing case, 4mm gunmetal bead. The rubber legged version used clear and black speckled sili-legs.

The photos don't do this fly justice, as the pattern has an aura surrounding it, like a halo, from the angelina fibers in the dubbing. The flash is not overpowering, more subdued-like, but should be enough to get the attention of a fish without scaring it off. Should be pretty fun fishing this fly. Cheers!

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1 comment:

  1. They look real good man. They'd be deadly on trout down here. Hitting the vice tonight for some standard nymph stuff, in prep for winter season.

    Nice flies.