February 6, 2010

Just the Thing

Looks like I finally got my hands on some of Singlebarbed's custom dyed Angelina, and it only cost me my third born too!

custom dyed Angelina
Ever since the Son of Satan and I went in to cahoots and procured a lifetime supply of Angelina, I'd had the itch to fill my kitchen wall to wall with all sorts of concocted varieties of dubbing blends. I've capitalized upon several scores of interesting dubbing materials since then, the only thing stopping me has been time. Unfortunately, I've recently come down with LOA, lack of ambition. Hopefully this will be just the kick I need to get back on the wagon and behind the vise again.

Lurex Fringe
Singlebarbed included a "gift with purchase" inside the care pacakge, some Fringe Lurex by Ice Yarns. The multicolor yarn is a 85% Polyester, 15% Lurex Flag type yarn that is 50 gr. per 65 m skein. The properties of this style yarn should allow for it to be tied in similar to pseudo hackle or chenille, from creating thoraxes to palmered-hackle bodies like wooly buggers. The material would also be suitable for use as wings, tails and legs on many a nymph pattern; should make for some killer caddis nymphs. Cheers!

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