February 17, 2010

More Czech Nymphs

Super Psyche
What would a czech nymph from the roughfisher be without some glimmer flash chenille. Super Psyche!

Monkeyed around with some leftover orange 6# Suffix ice line. Even for an ice line, this line is not as supple as the UNI-Mono, and a bit thicker too at 0.08" diameter. It works, but I can find better. The 2# line may be more suitable for nymphs smaller than size 10.

cyanide pill
Tied a few nymphs up on the 2X long curved shank nymph hook. Kind of boring; I'll stick to a scud or egg hook.

Czech Bomb
Singlebarbed griped about my last batch not being laced with tungsten. Relax buddy, I've not gone mad. I'm always good for a few Czech Bombs. Here's your tungsten infused nymphs you bitch. Tied on some nasty Mustad Signature C67 hooks. Gots to pick me up some more of those.

1 comment:

  1. The picture didn't make it - I need my fix of Roughfisher heavy metal, babe.

    ... just to make sure you ain't going all soft and emotional on me.