February 14, 2010

Don't take candy from strangers

tow rig
Finally took to the ice for the first fishing expedition of 2010. A bit slacking behind years past, but the roughfisher has been plenty busy this winter. Got the tow rig set up, hooked up the portable, and hit the lake. Plenty of powder on the lake; I can't remember the last time there had been this much snow on the lakes at this time of year. Typically, the snows blow of the lake and drift along the edges, leaving only a hard pack on the open portion.

female YEP
The first spot I stopped is a known tullibee spot. Drilled a bunch of holes and marked nothing. Typical, as it was already 1000. Those tullies, like many salmonids, seem to favor the sunrise period for high activity. I moved on. Got to the next spot and found some perch. The first fish of 2010 was a short little stubber. When I grabbed her from the hole she dropped some eggs; getting ready for the spawn.

Kept moving in search of some tullibees, crappies, anything that'd take a waxie. The slush was bad in some spots and the powder was almost knee deep. I've never seen the sled have to work so hard to get anywhere. She let me know too, the water temp light came on after a 20 mile ride across the lake. Between high powder, deep slush, and wide open throttle riding, the tunnel started to ice up and she was getting hot.

yellow perch
These little runts were everywhere. If only their mothers knew that they were having contact with strangers. They need a few more ice cream seasons before I'll consider getting serious. Until then, they'll make a mighty fine snack for any esocid or larger percid.

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