February 1, 2010

the brownline 2010.02.01

Reading Edition:
  • Brand spanking new online mag from Sleeping In The Dirt. As the opening statement reads, "No Sponsors, No Advertisements, No Limits..... No shit", the magazine follows true to course. Solid. The bar has been raised.
  • More fly porn courtesy of Simon Graham. Check out Issue 3, due out 2010.02.02, for some half chickens and meaty tube flies. Simon always ties up the nastiest esocid patterns. Well done mate.
  • Blood Knot Magazine. Close-to-the-bone articles from real anglers. No bullshit.
    "Designed to give fly anglers a fresh, unrestricted avenue to pursue their passion, these candid articles, photos and videos are for the enjoyment of other addicts."
    Keep your eyes out for the first digital issue due out this spring. Subscription is free.

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