December 8, 2009

SURPRISE! No really, Surprise yarn (That's hawt)

Surprise! yarn by Yarn Bee. At $5 retail per 240 yd skien, I opted for the Choclateer and Olivine color schemes to perform some experimentation at the grinder before going whole hog and picking up the rest of the catalog. At 93% acrylic and 7% polyester, it looks the perfect blend for mixing up a nice buggy nymph blend.

Chocolatier SURPRISE!
Choclateer SURPRISE!, zoom
Olivine SURPRISE!, zoom
The unique composite of colors that compose this yarn is its sheer beauty. All of the arduous work associated with mixing different colors to comprise a hearty blend is thrown out the window. Even more intriguing is the refraction of light off of the material that appears to give it an iridescent sheen, even in indirect light. This will be money, adding color to nymph patterns in low light conditions.

natural lighting, iridescence
This yarn should provide for some interesting dubbing concoctions and wrapped streamer bodies. Alchemy at the vise.

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1 comment:

  1. Great find, I've got a couple ideas on how to use that ... couple dozen to be exact.