February 24, 2010

Pink Squirrels: Romanian Edition

SH pink squirrel, alt
soft hackled pink squirrel
Thanks to SwittersB I stumbled upon this page of nymphs. Though written in Romanian, fly fishing transcends all language barriers. You can check out the English translated version here. The author, cooldany, has a veritable collection of Pink Squirrels all pimped out, including a few tasty soft hackled versions. There's even a very familiar looking rubber legged PT nymph. Now this is the inspiration I need to get back to the vise. A simple pattern that has been take to a new level with the simple addition of partridge, grouse, and Angelina.

soft hackled pink squirrel
legion of squirrels
From the looks of his past conquests on the water, Dany is not afraid to through a brown line either. A certified roughfisher in my book.

All photos courtesy of http://cooldany.wordpress.com/