February 27, 2010

The roughfisher speaks

pirate, alt
Check out the latest issue of USCARPPRO Magazine; the roughfisher debuts his new fly tying column.

That's right beotches, some poor fool let me put my words in print. Good thing a subscription is free or he'd want his money back. Nooch.


  1. Good for you man, you undercover fly fishing ninja you.

  2. Nice! That rag has the carp bases covered. Good to see some flies in there amongst the chum

  3. Congratulations on an excellent publication and a great debut! Well done, and brave too. Going with a clam fly as a first piece is risky in most of the other disciplines of fly fishing... you know... the stuffy ones where they don't actually get the fly reel wet.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes folks. I hadn't thought of the Darth Clam as risqué, but you do make a point Joe. I led with my best foot forward and had no fear. Guess that's what sets a brownliner apart from the rest, we just don't care what others think.