July 27, 2010

Built for the Mountain Life

Mountain Khakis


Joining the ranks of fellow ruffian Bruce Smithhammer, the roughfisher has just been invited to join the Mountain Khakis Ambassador Team. Why Mountain Khakis? Simple, they are the only pants on the market durable enough to withstand the physical and chemical abuse doled out by the cretins that seek out the path of the Brownliner. Mountain Khakis are Built for the Mountain Life™.

The Brownliner Infantry is slowly infiltrating the Industry. May Dog save their souls.


  1. Great. There goes the company.

    But you're right - MK's come in colors that tend to hide the scumline rings around your legs after a day of chasing sewer trout. They're also impervious to rebar, pyrahna, syringes, dysentry and other brownlining hazards.

  2. JP...couldn't have happened to a more deserving Brownliner. Congrats!

  3. I thought you told me the closest thing you had to a mountain was Mountain Mike's ...

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  5. This company has you AND B-money involved? WTF are they smoking??!!