July 5, 2010

the Boreal Bomber

Crafted with some of the boreal forest's finest specimens: moose mane and ruffed grouse.

Boreal Bombers
Boreal Bomber
Hook: vintage Mustad 4880, Size 7
Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0, Black
Tail: Moose mane
Body: Frosty Naval dubbing, Peacock
Thorax: Mohair Mojo dubbing,various colors
              Ruffed Grouse, dark
Head: 4mm tungsten bead, unfinished

Black Boreal Bomber
aurora borealis


  1. That bottom one looks like a take on John Bethke's Pink Squirrel. Was that the inspiration?

  2. Good eye, you're half right: It was merger between a possie bugger and the pink squirrel.