July 21, 2010

Blood on the tracks

Two quillback and a drum tossed up on the bank to rot. For what? Totally disrespected.

Karma sure can be a bitch.


  1. Fuck that... nothing pisses me off more than wanton waste.

    I've been fortunate enough to run into very little of that crap this summer. I know one summer I fished a popular shore spot once a week, and I cleaned up rotting Drum at the beginning of everyday of fishing there...

    Made me (at least) two kinds of sick...

  2. I saw a dozen or so stacked up dead carp on a recent outing. Some big fish too, all with arrow holes in them, just left to rot.

  3. But doing that to sucker fish is ok, right? I mean they are sucker fish!!

  4. Yup wanton waste is horrible. So much disrespect for fish goes on all the time. I have quite fishing with a number of guys who preached respect only to see them launch a 20 inch sturgeon and just tell me "Be quiet it is no big deal there are lots of them."Many of you guys I know from the different sites are slowly making a difference. Keep it up you guys!