July 28, 2010

Building a bigger ball of twine

More yarns to add to the already growing ball of twine. No, I'm not in direct competition with the World's Largest Twine Ball over in Darwin, but my collection of threaded fibers are beginning to overtake my kitchen. I would be a bit more concerned, but the King of Yarn and Fiber has got a far bigger obsession than I and enough materials to stuff a school bus. I think I'm still good, for now. Here are some tasty yarns that I scored recently:

Patons Classic Wool
Paton's Classic Wool, a 100% Wool yarn at 3.5 oz per 23 yd skein. Comes in such delectable shades as Cognac Heather and Moss Green. A fine spectral blend of young wool fibers.

Cognac Heather
Moss Heather

Lion Brand Yarn Fun
Lion Brand Fun Yarn, a 100% Acrylic yarn at 1.75 oz. per 85 yd skein. Comes in vibrant classic colors, this yarn is a solid choice for rug or sparkle yarn substitutes. At $1 per skein, you can't go wrong for the money.


Vanna's Glamour Yarn
Vanna's Glamour Yarn by Lion Brand Yarn, 96% Acrylic, 4% Metallic Polyester, 1.75 oz. per 202 yd skein. I don't much care for the metallic polyester strand through the yearn, but it is easily removed. What's left is a fine fiber yarn that resembles antron/zelon. I love the crimped, reflective properties of a trilobal fiber.

Vanna's Glamour Yarn

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn, 80% acrylic, 20% wool, 3 oz. per 197 yd per skein. This is a worsted weight yarn with many color varieties including heather and other spectral shades. This is a great do it all yarn; plenty of bulk, body, and highlights. How can you go wrong with flavors like Avocado or Chili? Freaking delicious!

A twelve step program may soon be in order....


  1. 12 Steps:

    1. Teach them kids to knit (so the extra stuff you don't use for flies winds up as socks.

    2. Insist the spouse learn crochet (so you get more than warm socks)

    3. - 12. Buy more yarn.

    That heather color looks like fish death to me.

  2. Awesome man, do you eat this stuff or what do you do with it all? 1 Skein would last me at least a year or so.

  3. "1 Skein would last me at least a year or so" ....... OR A LIFETIME!!! How do you possibly manage to lose that many flies??? What happens to all of the cool flies that you show in your pictures? Do you have crates of nymphs (and here I'm talking sinking flies, of course) stacked up in your basement?

  4. Haha, I don't lose that many flies fishing, but I do go through quite a few of them. I swap a bunch with friends, give some to family, and sell a few through the store. I don't have crates of nymphs per se, but I have a few cases stashed away in fly shacks. For an emergency, of course.