June 28, 2010

DIY Bugger Barns: Revisited

DIY Bugger Barns
The end result to the DIY Fly Boxes. I finally got around to putting together some of the larger Bugger Barn sized fly boxes this past weekend. Only available in case quantity, I went in with fellow bloggers Ben, Cameron, and Tony and split a case of the Flambeau 4040-2 boxes. I steered away from the traditional brown foam that I use on my boxes and made some in several different colors, including a crazy orange that will be home to my carp nasties. I even tipped the sticker to resemble a tailing fish. All that awesomeness for just under $6 a piece. Bitchin'.

I'd like to see how those other guys' boxes turned out.


  1. Im waiting on some smaller stickers to finish mine--they are lookin pretty snazzy though.

  2. Mine have to be rebuilt... ran out of time and only had hot glue around... didn't work great but it is holding up (for now). I have foam glue to redo it once I get a moment

  3. rough- where did you find the foam???

  4. @tyler: http://craftsuppliesforless.com/kidscraftsupplies_foamsheets2.html

    or at a craft store like the Hobby Lobby. I picked up a bunch at Crafts Direct in St. Cloud, MN.

  5. nice... i've got an old e-coller case that is going to be converted into bug luggage. thanks dude.