June 16, 2010

Butt Nuggets

Butt Nuggets
Butt Nuggets. AKA dingleberries, stool, feces, shit, shite, stercus, scat, excrement, brown, poo, poop, poopie, dook, dookie, doody, doo-doo, crap, caca, turds, BM, #2, booty hole burnout, toilet bowl stew, ass goblins, ass brownies, ass kabobs, lawn sausage, cattle cookies, chimp chunks, horse apples, dog logs, dung, elk duds, sea bisquits, shitsicles, splatter bowl punch, mierda.

These basturds are Stage 5 Clingers. Down one of them and you'll end up with the squirts. Where's the TP?

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