June 1, 2010

Virginal fibers

Lite-Lopi yarn
Reyonolds Lite-Lopi is a worsted virgin wool yarn, offered in 50g skeins at 109 yards. Because the yarn is two-ply, it is an easy task of shredding when at the grinder. Many of the available colors of this yarn are composed of a spectral blend of fibers, which is always something to look for when shopping for an easy to blend yarn. The spectralness of a yarn will easily reduce your time at the grinder, as the fine folks who spun the yarn have done all the homework for you and found a suitable complement of colors to compose the hue you sought after. No sense knocking yourself out over guessing and mixing fiber blends, do it up!

Garnet Red Heather
Sun Yellow
Spring Green Heather
Hazel Heather
Now that's some tasty ass shit if I've ever seen it. A few of the guard hairs in the yarn are a bit coarser than that of angora, more resembling mohair or even alpaca. However, the majority of the fibers are similar to or even smaller than angora, due to the fact that these are virgin fibers. Many also share the same translucent characteristics as angora, which is much desired as an easy to obtain (and cheaper) seal substitute. This is some buggy stuff folks, and will make some killer nymph dubbing blends.

I love virgins.

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