June 1, 2010

Wooly Bully

The Lite-Lopi yarn met its Maker and died a shredded death to the blender. The results were gory, but quite fantastic. A few tips when shredding this yarn: the yarn can be cut down to 1" to 1.5" lengths, but will break apart in the grinder better when the housing is mostly full with fiber. Since the fibers are a bit more vigorous and robust than a synthetic fiber like acrylic or nylon, you will need more physical force to break the fibers apart from each other. You can hand pick the fibers apart, but I've experimented and found that a 12" to 18" strand of yarn is enough mass to break the fibers free from the yarn plies.
Wooly Bully dub
I didn't have much time, so I focused on two blends, a caddis green blend and a pomegranate red blend. I used rabbit/hare as filler, as well as utilized the guard hares for texture. I also added rug yarn/sparkle yarn to both mixes for binder. Highlights were accented with a spectral blend of wool fibers and Angelina. Because spectral blends photograph so horse-shit I included two photos of each blend, a photo under flash lighting, and one under lower natural lighting. The latter helps point out the highlights better, and is likely a better representative of how the blend will look when underwater.

Caddis Green
Caddis Green, low light

Pomegranate, low light
I can't wait to get tying with this stuff. Look for some new ties coming soon.


  1. I am sure that you have said this in previouse post, but.....

    Where do you get your died rabbit from? Do you use the body fur, or do you use the hare's mask?


  2. the rabbit comes from dyed hides, or zonker strips. I also will use fur from a hare's mask, depending on the colors I have available and the desired bugginess of the blend.