June 22, 2010

Paint Your Wagon

New yarns
More tasty yarns to play around with: Reynolds Lopi and Artful Yarns Broadway, both by JCA Crafts. An Icelandic wool and an acrylic/mohair/poly blend, these are both wonderfully spun fiber yarns. Let's get down to the nitty gritty shall we?

Reynolds Lopi
The Lopi is the original, heavier weight yarn than the Lite-Lopi I featured recently. It is a 14 gauge plied yarn, coming in at 100g per 110 yard skein. The Amber Heather color was too tasty of a hue to pass up, with primary spectral highlights of red, blue, and yellow. Better yet, it blends beautifully in the grinder without much effort. This is another killer crawfish and scud dub straight out of the grinder.

Artful Yarns Broadway
The Broadway is a 59% Acrylic, 28% Mohair, 6% Poly, 4% Metallic, and 3% Nylon blended yarn. It comes in 50g skeins at 101 yards. I opted for the Paint Your Wagon color, composed of a blend of fibers favoring the red-blue spectrum. The first order of duty is stripping the fibers from the Poly/Metallic/ core and nylon threads. What you have left is pure awesomeness, a spectral blend of acrylic and mohair fibers. Your best bet is to pull the fibers apart by hand to start the blending process. After the fibers are all evenly separated, trim the thinly wadded fibers into one inch increments. This will minimized any binding of the long mohair fibers in the grinder. Highlight this with some Violette Angelina, and you've got a killer base for a UV dub. Just add the binder and wrapper, like rabbit and hare or squirrel, and you're ready to roll.

On the other hand, you could just combine the two concoctions and come out with a kick-ass blend like this:

Super Squirrel dub

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