August 31, 2009

Vermont Brownliner Brigade

Brother Drew of Stream and Brook Fly Fishing recently got in touch with the roughfisher to let all you fine folks out there in brownlinerland know that roughfishing is alive and well in the Green Mountain State.

silver redhorse
If anyone is out in Vermont and interested in pursuing roughfish with one of our finest brownwater brethren, consider Drew's Big Game fish hunts. Check out this client's stellar greater redhorse.

greater redhorse
You can catch Drew on Vermont PBS pursuing longnose gar, carp, bowfin, or monster sheepies on Lake Champlain, or perhaps over at Nectars chasing some french fries and gravy down with a nice cold Long Trail.

freshwater drum
Looks like another stop has been added to the 2010 Roughfisher East Coast Tour.

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  1. Hm, some of those places look familiar...

    I live remarkably close to VT, so if you stop by, I'd be happy to take you to good beer and/or fish. Blue or brown line.

  2. cool. Thanks for the offer.