August 19, 2009

The color orange

Fall is synonymous with hues of orange and brown. Jack 'o Lanterns, Thanksgiving spreads, and fall foliage glow of the autumnal spectra. Is it Fall yet? Fuck no, but the winds of change are near. The solstice was two months ago, the hottest weeks of the year are behind us, the school year starts in a few weeks, and a few rogue trees in the neigherborhood are getting a headstart over their leafy brethren, starting to bleed shades of yellow, orange and crimson. Overnight temps are cooling and flows on the Otter Tail are finally dropping; almost time for the fall feedbag.

carrot top
carrot top, alt
the roughfisher carrot
Orange seems to be a hot pattern color as Fall nears. From scuds to mayfly to crawfish patterns, I like those mandarin shaded flies, perfect for a wily 鯉 (carp; pronounced 'li'). Much like the spring, fish feed heavily and with reckless abandon in the fall, the only difference being that the fish are typically another season larger, and water conditions are vastly improved. Even with Fall rains, turbidity is much lower than during the clay clouded flows of spring melt. This means one thing: an opportunity to sightfish to large fish.

orange swimming nymph
I'll be on the hunt for carpzilla.

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1 comment:

  1. I bet these would bang fish on the South Platte man. Bring some down!!!!