August 4, 2009

llama revisited

Custom llama dubbing blends. Combined different colored llama fur with hare and varying proportions of gold, black, and aurora Angelina fibers.

Shade of Gray
Mixing llama fibers can be a bit tricky; their guard hairs are extremely coarse and durable. After selecting a bunch of fibers, I bunched them up and trimmed the bunch into one inch lengths. I was then able to add these smaller clumps in with the Angelina fibers in small batches and got them to blend well. Anything longer than one inch cuts, and the fibers would ball up and jam along the blade on the grinder/food mill.

Mr. Brownstone
The blended fibers dub well, though I would recommend using them on flies size 10 and larger. Due to the coarseness and density of the fibers, broad robust bodies are possible with this blend.

Back in Black
Stay posted for some llama dubbed patterns later this week.

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