August 21, 2009

roughfisher's vault 2009.08.21

Phish, live at the Meadows Music Theater, August 14, 2009. Hartford, CT.

While The Dead may have gotten much of the press this summer with their 2009 tour, the Boys from Burlington banded together for the first time since 2004 and hit the road for a full summer tour. After getting a chance to download and listen to the Hartford show, the magic is still there. You can't even detect a five year absence between the intricate jams and segue ways into songs that until recently had been collecting dust, some for well over a decade.

The band is back tight, and full of energy. Slave to the Traffic Light is crazy tight, You Enjoy Myself features a funkalicious bass solo with Mike on an octave peddle, and even a Psycho Killer! I don't care if you don't like The Beatles, the While My Guitar Gently Weeps was a killer encore to the show.

They're back!

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  1. Psycho Killer!

    To think I had a ticket to that show and had to turn it down.

    Of course, there are varying opinions about the band:

  2. love the phanboys. nice website, though the post was semi valid. I had you in mind Pete when I posted the show.

  3. The amount of concert tickets, and fishing opportunities, I've had to turn down this year has been staggering. WTF happens when you get older?