September 1, 2009

redheads have more fun

Red's been the hot color this summer. Not that my fishing has been that hot, but the flies that have been catching fish have been of the ginger persuasion. Lucille put the saucy smackdown on some cyprinids last week, and even tamed a few gamefish in the process. There's something about this pattern that moves fish. Looks like Lucy has got some 'splainin to do.

The Rotten is Lucy's auburn brother, a raucous rebel punk who shares the namesake of Sex Pistols vocalist Johnny. If you don't watch your step, this fly will kick your ass. Assault and Battery.

The latest addition to the family is the Hot Donna. Anybody who has watched That 70s Show knows what I am talking about. The girl next door, Donna can beat you at a game of hoops yet she's classy enough to take to the Price Mart Ball. A loyal friend, she'll never dine and dash on your ass. Give that gal a promise ring.

Hot Donna

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