August 25, 2009

Team Ramrod

urban assault
urban assault alt
urban assault alt2
The joint mission of the Global War On Cyprinids conducted classified operations at points within Rice Co. Winona Fly Fishing and Wendy Berrell joined forces with the roughfisher for an urban assault on a cyprinid infested area. Conditions warranted stealth and a bottle of disinfectant.

brownwater brethren
Flows were low and the fish hung tight to the bottom. The catch of the day: a common shiner. Some bottom feeding mutant decided to hit that, and got stuck with a hook in its fat upper lip. Fucking walleye.

bottom feeding percid
Operations moved on to several locations. Some were infested with snakes, others with treacherous and highly voracious rockfish. Caution was heeded to prevent any casualties. Unfortunately, a few good men were brought down, victim of stinging nettles. Sumbitch.

molting red belly snake
The offensive was a bust, but this was a good joint exercise between friendly nations. The next rendezvous is yet to be determined, but all teams remain on full alert until further notice.

End transmission.

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1 comment:

  1. It was tough going. Carping's been sucking lately. Next time.

    Also need a trip up north.